Sichuan-Tibet Road Cultural Tourism Development Research from the Perspective of Red Spirit Dissemination


2019-09-18 03:21

Zheng Tao, Zhang Yurong, Jiang Yunyan

Abstract:Disseminating the red spirit is the proper meaning of the development of cultural tourism. The Sichuan-Tibet road itself and its areas along it are rich in red cultural resources. The “two roads” spirit is a valuable spiritual wealth formed during the revolution and construction under the lead of the Communist Party of China, and it should be fully publicized and rationally utilized in the process of developing tourism. The red culture connotation should be deeply explored in the process of spreading the red spirit along the development of cultural tourism in Sichuan-Tibet Road. Based on that, the quality of tourism products must be strengthened and the tourist satisfaction should also be improved. In the methods of dissemination, we need to make full use of the functions of traditional media, new media and self-media. Besides, tourist shopping is also an important cultural carrier in this development process.

Keyword:“two roads” spirit; red spirit; dissemination; Sichuan-Tibet road; cultural tourism;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chongqing Jiaotong University, 2019(02).



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