The Impact of Urbanization on the Income of Farmers at Different Income Levels——Taking Sichuan Province as an Example


2019-09-12 03:14

Li Ping; Wang Jun

Abstract:The relationship between urbanization and the income of farmers has been drawing academic concern.Different from previous studies,this paper,based on the relevant data of Sichuan Province 2003-2014,uses co-integration theory and dynamic metering model to investigate the effect of urbanization in Sichuan Province on the income of farmers and the income gap between farmers of different income levels.The study finds that urbanization brings the biggest income growth for middle-income farmers,followed by highincome and low-income farmers;urbanization helps to expand the size of middle-income farmers but causes bigger income fluctuations for low-income farmers,thus widening the gap income gap among the village farmers.This situation requires us to adopt new urbanization strategies and introduce more effective measures,including a better social security system and an income assistance system,to narrow the income gap among farmers and to provide employment support for the low-income people.

Keyword:urbanization; farmers' income; increasing the income of farmers; the income gap;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Sichuan University(Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 2015(06). 



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