Doing Travel and Refutation of Ancient History

On Gu jiegang’s Study of Bashu History and Its Contemporary Value


2023-04-11 08:04

Jing Chuan,Peng Wenbin
Journal of Qiannan Normal Univer

Abstract: Gu Jiegang stayed in Chengdu and Chongqing for a long time during the Anti-Japanese Warand interacted frequently with all walks of life in SichuanAt the same timeGu Jiegang also carried out many investigations and travels in Sichuanwhich contributed to Gu Jiegang’s research on Bashu historyGu Jiegang analyzed the relationship between Bashu and the Central Plains from the perspective of documents and historical factsand refuted the pseudo history system established by the ancientsGu Jiegang’s critical spirit in the research process of Bashu historical records and his research method of combining literature records with the reality of travel inspection are also worth inheriting and drawing lessons from today’s Bashu literature collation and Bashu historical research

Key words: Gu Jiegang; refutation of ancient history; Bashu history; view of documents and historical facts

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Qiannan Normal University for Nationalities, 2022,42,(06).



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