Experiment is Power

A New Perspective on Francis Bacon’s Experimental Philosophy


2022-09-26 02:15

Wang Yefei,Wang Dazhou
Journal of Dialectics of Nature

Abstract: Experiment  is  a  core  concept  in  Francis  Bacon’s  philosophy. This  paper  goes  beyond  the traditional view and intends to make a new interpretation of Bacon’s philosophical idea about experiment and its role in science and society. The experiment that Bacon focuses on is both a method of scientific exploration and a method of engineering creation, and thus it is a link between science and engineering. The Solomon Palace, conceived  by  Bacon,  represents  a  new  experimental  system  which  foreshadows  that  not  only  royal  societies but also industrial laboratories known as the invention of invention will become the engine of innovation and development in modern society. The essence of Bacon’s so-called “Knowledge is Power” is that “Experiment is Power”. Therefore, Bacon’s experimental philosophy is not outdated, and it is an important research direction of contemporary philosophy of technology and philosophy of engineering.

Key Words: Francis Bacon; Experimental philosophy; Experimental method; Solomon Palace; Industrial laboratory

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Dialectics of Nature, (09), 2021.



2022-09-26 10:19
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