On the Official and Literary Status after Shuhan United by the Jin Dynasty


2015-01-12 12:00

Zhong Siyuan
Journal of Sichuan Normal Univer

Abstract: After the area of Shuhan was united by the Jin dynasty, the official status of Shuhan and the governing polices of the Wei and Jin dynasties on Shuhan gradually changed, which eventually caused the declination. Related historical records after Shuhan united by the Jin dynasty revealed the situation of that time. During the same period, the literary status of Bashu scholars, which was closely related to the official status, can also be proved through the investigation on the recording of the existing works of those scholars under the governance of the Jin dynasty.

Key words: Shuhan united by the Jin dynasty; the official status of Bashu; the scholar culture of Bashu

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Sichuan Normal University, 2014(3).



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