On English Translation of Sichuan Folk Culture in Xue Tao's Poems


2015-01-09 12:00

Yu Hongbo
Overseas English

Abstract: Xue Tao, one of the most three outstanding poets in Tang Dynasty. Si Chuan folk culture Contained in Xue Tao's poetry is one of the features of Xue Tao's Poetry and should be transferred. Through the comparison and analysis of the folk culture in two English versions of Xue Tao's Poetry, this article points out that in the translation of the folk culture, the translator should not only accurately convey the semantics of these folk culture loaded words and expressions, but also pay attention to the expression which contains the national regional characteristics, culture psychology and deep content.

Key words: Xue Tao's poetry; Si Chuan folk culture; regional characteristics; culture psychology and deep content

The Chinese version appeared in Overseas English, 2014(18).



2015-01-09 10:20
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