Confucian Thinking on Human Life


2022-10-27 02:26

Zhou Ningzhi
Journal of Hunan University

Abstract: Confucianism is the study of meanings and ways of human life. It is focused on human existence, with people at the core of teachings. The universal issues concerned include how to properly perceive the relationships between man and himself, man and man, man and nature. It is not only an in-depth inquiry into the basis of human existence, but also a historical reflection on the meaning of life and a practical criticism of the development of human society. Based on the ethical awareness of natural humanity and peoples hearts for a family, a nation, a country and the world, Confucianism produces the emotional identity and rational cognition of patriotic feelings, love for living beings, and the unity of the world, which has its unique significance, enabling it to show strong and vigorous vitality in thousands of years of historical and cultural inheritance.

Key words: Confucianism;human life; people-oriented; philosophical thinking

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Hunan University, 2022,36,(04).



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