Establishing and Verification of Evaluation Index System for Provincial Eco-Civilization Construction——A Case Study In Sichuan


2019-09-23 09:09

Gong Qinlin, Cao Ping

Abstract:Drawing on the existing evaluation index system of ecological civilization construction, this paper establishes an evaluation index system for provincial ecological civilization construction that consists of 53 specific indicators, covering five sub-systems (economic development, social progress, ecological environment, relevant institutions and ecological culture) in such four dimensions as growth, sustainability, harmony and consciousness.The empirical research on ecological civilization construction from 2001 to 2010 of Sichuan province by use of AHP methods shows that the evaluation index system of provincial ecological civilization construction can be effectively diagnosed and guided.Based on the empirical analysis for Sichuan province, the application of evaluation index system of provincial ecological civilization construction should be adapted to the economic and social development level of Sichuan Province and its position in national primary function areas and national ecological function areas, and should be subject to adjustments of the index or the weight of index.

Keyword:ecological civilization construction; spatial properties; evaluation index system; Sichuan;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Sichuan University(philosophy and Social Science Edition), 2014(03). 



2019-09-23 05:27
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