The Significance and Historical Stages of Cultural Studies on Min River


2023-03-29 03:02

Tang Rui, He Yimin
Journal of Xihua University

Abstract: The Min River culture is an important part and source of the Yangtze River culture. The preservation, inheritance and study of Min River culture is of great significance to the development of Min River Economic Belt. Min River culture is the sum of all material and spiritual culture formed on the basis of the unique physical and human geographical advantages of Min River basin (including Dadu River, Qingyi River and the upper reaches of Tuo River) and Chengdu Plain. According to the logical evolution of Min River culture, it can be roughly divided into seven historical periods, namely, gestation period, initial formation period, integration into the process of Chinese culture period, peak period, tortuous development period, new and old complex period of drastic changes, revival period and prosperity period.

Key words: Min River culturehistorical stagesbasic featuresvalue implications

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xihua University, 2023,42,(02).



2023-03-29 11:04
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