Reform of Sichuans Local Political System by the Nanjing National Government after Political Unification of Sichuan Province


2023-12-19 01:51

Che Renjie
Journal of Sichuan Normal Univer

Abstract: Since the early Republic of China, Sichuan has been under the Defense Zone System (Fang Qu Zhi), making it difficult for the central government to exert its authority the region, and the province has been in a state of fragmentation and war. In the second half of 1934, because the Sichuan Army suffered a disastrous defeat by the Red Army, The Nanjing National Government intervened in the Sichuan political situation to achieve unification. After that, in order to consolidate unification, the Nanjing National Government implemented measures such as the joint office system of the Provincial-government, the system of administrative supervision commissioner, the Bureau Reduction and Section Reorganization, and the Establishment of District government in Sichuan, attempts to consolidate unification by strengthening provincial powers, and create conditions for the central government to fully control Sichuan. However, the division of powers between the central government and the provincail government has not been properly resolved, as the relationship between Nanjing and Liu Xiang deteriorated, the power relationship between the Central government and the Sichuan provincial government once again fell into a game dilemma, which led to the final stagnation of local political system reform.

Key words: the Political Unification of Sichuan Province; the Nanjing National Government; local political system reform; Sichuan Province; relationship between central and local governments

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Sichuan Normal University, 2023,(07).



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