Discussion on the Implications of China’s Frontiers under the Overall Territory View


2022-06-20 02:34

Liu Qingtao
Social Sciences in Yunnan

Abstract:From the perspective of China’s overall territory view, the fundamental reason for the distribution of frontier-inland in China lies in the uneven and asymmetric distribution of population and its economic, social and  cultural  activities  caused  by  differences  in  natural  and  geographical  conditions. The  restriction  of  special natural  and  geographical  environment  factors  on  people’s  practical  activities  constitutes  the  essential  attribute of the frontiers. Due to the stability of natural geographical environment factors, the distribution pattern of frontier-inland in China’s overall territory has been relatively stable for a long time. Current frontier landscapes cannot be matched with the historical period, which reflects the dialectical relationship between the limitations of  the  natural  geographical  environment  and  the  development  based  on  scientific  and  technological  progress.

The Chinese version appeared in Social Sciences in Yunnan, 2022,(02).



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