Yang Xiong: Watchman and Pioneer of Shu Culture


2019-09-09 08:24

Pan Shuxian
Journal of Xihua University

Abstract:Yang Xiong is a cultural master from the West Shu. Yang Xiong can never be disconnected with Shu Culture, and more he is significantly involved with it. From him, we can see many of the characteristics and highlights of Shu Culture: He is a model of enlightening with reason, and a model of Shu Xue than Qilu, and a model of the Shu people who are good at romantic thinking and reverse thinking, and he is the watchman and pioneer of the ancient Shu Culture.

Keyword:Yang Xiong; Western Shu Culture; characteristics; highlight;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xihua University, 2018(01).


2019-09-09 04:26
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