Scientifically Dealing with the Relationship between the Central Work and the Ideological Work


2021-08-03 02:32

Zhu Jidong
Journal of China Executive Leade

Abstract:  In the past one century since the founding of the Party, the CPC Central Committee has always paid great attention to the issue of how to scientifically deal with the relationship between the central work and the ideological work in different historical periods. From the revolutionary war, the socialist revolution and construction period, till the new era today, the central work has shifted from military struggle to economic construction.From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping, all the leaders attach great importance to and try hard to scientifically handle the relationship between the central work and the ideological work, keep the benign interaction between the ideological work and the central work, gather concerted efforts, and make this an important principle and a fine tradition of the Party and also an important guideline for the  cause of the Party and the country.

Key words: ideology; central work; economic construction

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of China Executive Leadership Academy Jing Gangshan , 2021(07).



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