On the connotation and value of Xi Jinping's view of “a community of common health for mankind”


2021-08-03 02:39

Cheng Ying
Journal of Henan Polytechnic Uni

Abstract: Xi Jinping’s view of “a community of common health for mankind”,based on Marx's “True Community”thought,deeply roots in the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and in many major public health events.It is the Chinese wisdom to meet the development and reality of the times.This idea has rich theoretical connotations,which emphasizes the “equality view”, builds “cooperation field”and “safe domain”,in order to safeguard life safety with the concepts of “shared destiny”,“win-win cooperation”and“universal security”and to curb the widespread epidemic in the world.This idea is of great value of the times. It enriches the global public health governance system and fully demonstrates Chinese wisdom.Besides,it enhances the health and well-being of all peoples and effectively highlights the “beauty of human beings”,providing new ideas for international exchanges and cooperation and high-lighting the “power of cooperation”.

Key words: Xi Jinping; a community of common health for mankind; generating logic; Theoretical connotation; era value

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Henan Polytechnic University, 2021(11).



2021-08-03 10:38
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