The Core Controversy and Academic Dissemination of Domestic Urban Community Research


2021-03-01 02:50

Zhang Lan
Journal of University of Science

Abstract: The development needs of national and social governance have promoted the vigorous development of community research.On the whole,the study of urban communities in China revolves around the core debates about community ontology position,community myth,community model and structure,the relationship between state and society,country comparison of communities,community logic,community method.This paper selects 54 reprinted articles in the theme of“Urban Community Research”on the We Chat Official Account of Zhengzhixueren from 2015 to 2020,and conducted textual and academic analysis on research topics,research methods,research purposes.The study found that domestic urban community research has problems with homogeneity and duplication to a certain extent.They need to be further standardized and deepened in the use of research methods and theoretical increments. Facing the future,mixed research and explanatory research will help to explore the causal mechanism in community research. Comparing community research,social development and community capacity may provide the possibility for theoretical innovation in urban community research.

Key words: urban community research; core controversy; academic communication; theoretical innovation

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2020(12).


2021-03-01 10:31
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