Research on Calligraphy Art of Han Tabletin Bashu


2021-03-10 02:01

Tian Lili
Sichuan University of Arts and S

Abstract: The stone tablet was a trend in the Bashu area in the Han Dynasty. Its shapes are various, including inscription in cliffs or on stones, portrait inscriptions, stone scriptures and other miscellaneous carvings. The author chooses the relatively complete Han Dynasty official stele inscriptions in Bashu areas as the research object, based on its specific regional geography, shape, and cultural thoughts to classify and explore the calligraphy characteristics and calligraphic origin of Bashu stele inscriptions.

Key words:Bashu;inscription;calligraphy

The Chinese version appeared in Sichuan University of Arts and Science Journal, 2020(09).



2021-03-10 09:40
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