Difficulties with the Morale Boosting in Impoverished Ethnic Yi Regions of Liangshan Prefecture and Corresponding Strategies


2021-01-04 02:57

Wang Jiaxun
Journal of Xichang University

Abstract: Morale boosting in impoverished Yi regions is to bolster people's confidence and morale in poverty alleviation, thus help the poor to rid of spiritual poverty. A long-time lack of material well-being results in poor people's spiritual weakness . A popular mentality of dependence develops , and difficulties with morale boosting in Liangshan relates to bad habits in traditional minority culture . In the campaign to boost Yi people's morale in fighting poverty we should have a good understanding of Yi culture. First, we should focus on training basic-level bilingual cadres ; second , we should integrate poverty-fighting spirit into Yi language movies , music and murals ;third, we should make major Yi family laborers the targets for education and training. We should strengthen efforts to promote spiritual civilization construction of the poor, promote their initiatives, and consolidate their ideological foundation for fighting poverty and getting rich, and then preventing from lapsing into poverty again.

Keywords : morale boost ; ethnic Yi region ; fighting poverty ; impoverished region

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xichang University, 2020(06).



2021-01-04 10:41
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