An Analysis of the Chinese Communist Party's Struggle for Peace and Democracy after the Victory of the Anti-Japanese War


2020-12-28 03:03

Wang Zhilin
Journal of University of Science

Abstract: The struggle for peace and democracy carried out by the Communist Party of China after the victory of the War o Resistance against Japan is based on the analysis of domestic and international situations and conforms to the voice of the people . Although the peaceful and democratic efforts of the Communist Party of China failed to prevent the outbreak of civil war ,the Communist Party of China is striving for peace and democracy. In the course of its efforts, not only did the people of the whole country see clearly the reactionary features of the Kuomintang's false peace and real civil war , it greatly promoted the ideas of the Communist Party of China, and pointed out the direction of the revolution for the people of the whole country, and the practice of the Communist Party of China in the entire peaceful democratic struggle China has also accumulated valuable experience for the CPC to continue to uphold the spirit of peace, democracy, and consultation to lead various parties and the people of the whole country to build a new democratic country, and it will continue to play an important role in the construction socialist democratic politics with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the CPC. It also continues to play an important role.

Key words : Communist Party of China; peace and democracy; KMT-CPC negotiations

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2020,36(06).



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