New Ideas and Countermeasures for Promoting the Development of University Science and Technology Parks in China


2020-12-24 02:04

Li Sidong
Scientific Development

Abstract: The development of a university science and technology park in Shanghai should take the innovative mechanism as the core of the park, with the aim of strengthening the function of global resource allocation and the function of science and technology innovation strategy, strengthening the planning of academic disciplines, facing the major needs of the national economy and society, facing the characteristics of local economic development, and providing academic support for innovation and entrepreneurship activities. It should also guide and encourage teachers and students to build internship and practice education bases in the park, so as to make the park an important platform for the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of universities, enhance the innovation service capacity of the park, and promote the better development of the local economy.

Keywords: University science and technology parks; Technology and innovation center; Innovation driving development

The Chinese version appeared in Scientific Development, 2020(12).



2020-12-24 09:51
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