Study on the Barriers of Trade Betwteen China and Central Asia


2020-09-18 02:15

Song Zhendong, Lei Hongzhen,Ding Jutao,
Journal of Xi'an University of F

Abstract: In order to promote regional development, there is a great realistic significance to identify barriers in developing trade between China and central Asia. Based on the literature about the trade between China and central Asia, the analysis guided by the grounded theory indicated that the trade barriers between China and the five central Asian countries mainly focus on five aspects : trade demand , political influence , spatial distance, cultural distance and the development degree of trade facilitation, and thus forming a trade relationship path with "trade value" as the core. The trade facilitation is determined by the four powers and six relationships . The four powers include market , politics , culture , location . And the six relation-ships are the degree of openness cultural difference, transportation cost, geopolitics and trust. To upgrade the development of trade between China and central Asia, it is necessary to further promote the development consensus in openness , exchanges , infrastructure construction , trade rules and seeking common ground while reserving differences.

Key words: foreign trade ; obstacles to trade ; trade value ; China ; central Asia ; grounded theory

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xian University of Finance and Economics, 2020(08).



2020-09-18 10:13
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