Reflection on the Causes of Anti-globalization and Construction of New Globalization


2020-09-16 08:09

Hong Xiaobing
Journal of Huizhou University

Abstract: The interests differentiation caused by the evolution of international division of labor and the lag of domestic governance and global governance in developed countries constitute the deep logic of anti-globalization. Reverse globalization is not the end of globalization,but the restarting of globalization. It is concluded that we need to reflect deeply on the causes of reverse globalization,to eliminate its negative impacts,and to establish a value-based,inclusive,PRATT & Whitney-oriented,balanced and win-win approach,a new type of globalization based on the construction of a community with shared future for mankind.

Key words:deglobalization;cause of formation;new globalization

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Huizhou University, 2020(08).



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