Geo-economic Relations and Foreign Trade Effects between Southwest China and Southeast Asian Countries


2021-07-06 02:18

Li Jiemei,Yang Xiao chun,Wu Hao,Yang Yang

Abstract: In order to obtain impact mechanism of geo-economic relationship on bilateral trade,the Euclidean distance model is constructed to measure the geo-economic relations between southwest China and Southeast Asian Countries. Then the extended gravitational model is established to analyze the foreign trade effect of geo-economic relation and logistics performance.The results show that: The economics of southwest China depend heavily on Southeast Asian countries,but their geo-economic relations are mainly competitive,and their competitiveness tends to weaken year by year.The geo-economic relationship has a negative impact on bilateral trade,and its hindrance coefficient has a downward trend after “The Belt and Road Initiative”. The influence coefficient of logistics performance on bilateral trade changes from insignificant to significant positive. It has effectively verified that the implementation of policy such as logistics infrastructure construction,customs clearance and trade facilitation for countries along the belt and road has played a positive role in promoting the development of bilateral trade.

Keywords : geo-economic relations; logistics performance; foreign trade effect; The Belt and Road Initiative; southwest China

The Chinese version appeared in AREAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, 2021(04).



2021-07-06 10:17
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