A Review of Relationship between Scientific & Technological Innovation and Regional Economic Development Model Transformation


2021-03-12 02:18

Shang Yongmin
Studies on Foreign Social Scienc

Abstract: Relationship of scientific & technological innovation  and regional economic development models transformation has been widely concerned. Scholars at home and abroad have conducted more in-depth research on it. This paper combs the connotative characteristics and dynamic mechanism of the transformation of regional economic  development  model,  the  relationship between technological innovation and the  transformation of regional economic development model and its mechanism of action. And then, this paper analyzes the influencing factors and theoretical mechanisms of technological innovation  driving the transformation of economic development model.  Finally, this paper summarizes current research the main  viewpoints and conclusions of the research, and points out some  limitations of the existing research, like lacking the attention to regional environmental heterogeneity. The author hopes to  perfect the theoretical research on the transformation of innovation-driven economic development models and provide  guidance for the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies based on local conditions.

Key  Words: scientific and technological innovation; regional  economic development models; transformation;regional environment

The Chinese version appeared in Studies on Foreign Social Sciences, 2021(03).



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