Strategy for Building an East Asian Economic Community in the Post-epidemic Era


2021-03-16 02:22

Li Xuecheng
Studies on Foreign Social Scienc

Abstract: In the background of COVID-19, the effective  government is particularly important. The Chinese government has responded to this global challenge to the satisfaction of the Chinese people. In contrast, American and European governments look weak and weak compared with those in East Asia. In the post-epidemic era, East Asia has become the world's largest economy. After a comparative analysis of the regional economies in East Asia and other economies, this paper puts forward the construction strategy of the East Asian Economic Community and its practical and strategic significance, and further expounds how China will not repeat the mistakes of the United States when  it surpasses the United States to lead the new world order and  provide international public goods.

Key words: post-epidemic era; East Asian economic community;  economic integration; international public goods

The Chinese version appeared in Studies on Foreign Social Sciences, 2021(03).



2021-03-16 10:01
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