The Features and Outlook of Poverty Alleviation with Chinese Characteristics


2020-09-08 02:50

Wu Zhenlei,Xia Xinyu

Abstract: Since the Communist Party of China birth, it has been committed to the exploration and practice of eradicating poverty and realizing common prosperity. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China,the party has led the Chinese people to transform from the four-step strategy to the five-step strategy in the choice of realizing common prosperity. China's poverty alleviation path has also undergone a trans formation from relief poverty alleviation to moderate prosperity and then to common prosperity. After the elimination of absolute poverty in 2020, China's poverty alleviation will enter the stage of anti-poverty for the purpose of solving relative poverty, and the construction of a long-term mechanism to solve relative poverty from four aspects of system, incentive, organization and capability will become the focus of anti-poverty in the future.

Keywords: Socialism with Chinese characteristics; poverty alleviation path; common prosperity;fight against poverty

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xian University of Finance and Economics, 2020(08).



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