Ethical Fracture and Connection

Review of Edgar Morin's Complexity Ethics


2020-06-23 02:46

Zheng Ji,Li Jianhua
Journal of Yunmeng

Abstract: Edgar Morin adopted his complex epistemology to make us know the uncertain consequences of random environmental conditions on any moral behavior. To achieve the renascence and coexistence of human beings requires fundamental reformation of the relationship between them, including construct three levels of self-ethics, social ethics and human ethics. Individuals should constantly carry out self-reflection and self-cultivation to encourage people to pursue the life from material enjoyment and profit-seeking to a poetic life. The core of social ethics is to cultivate civism and promote a democratic society. Human ethics is to lift humans out of their current predicament and ultimately promote moral regeneration. Based on self-critic personal ethics, Edgar Morin's complexity ethics combines rational and moral consciousness, plays chess in uncertain environment, implements understanding and forgiveness, and strives for the realization of human unity and mutual love.

Key words: complexity; self - ethics; social ethics; human ethics

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Yunmeng, 2020(05).



2020-06-23 10:48
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