Construction of the Third Space of Tourism in the Context of the Integration of Culture and Tourism


2020-06-30 08:21

Du Bin,Li Mao,Qin Xingang
Ethnic Art Studies

Abstract: The third space of tourism is a network of relationships . The content of it is a production of relationships. The concept of place is for space while the concept of cultural heritage landscape is for time as i is mainly about the traditional culture left in history. They are woven into a network of time and space in the relationships of time and space. Place and heritage landscape are inter-connected in the time-space net-work . The whole region of Diqin Tibetan Autonomous Region was established as Diqin ethnic cultural ecological experimental protection zone in 2010 by the former Ministry of Culture. Its excellent natural environment and rich cultural heritage resources are disseminated to the outside through cultural symbols . Tourists are attracted to visit and experience, community members,government and travel agencies are working together to construct the third space of tourism which is full of symbolic meanings.

Keywords:locality,symbolic text,cultural space,the third space of tourism

The Chinese version appeared in Ethnic Art Studies, 2020(03).



2020-06-30 04:21
Ethical Fracture and Connection