A Sociological Analysis of Multimedia Dissemination of Chinese Literature in the West

The Case of Mo Yan's Red Sorghum


2020-03-08 02:43

Wang Haizhu,Wang Hongtao
Yanshan University

Abstract: This article presents a case study of the multimedia dissemination of Mo Yans novel Red Sorghum in the Anglophone world, using field theory by Pierre Boundieu and actor-network theory by Bruno Latour et al. It is hypothesized that ( 1 ) in the process of multimedia dissemination, an actor network is constructed through the audio-visual medium , the translated text, the internet and by other actors, including the author, the film director, the translator, the novel and its English version, etc. ; ( 2 ) the actors are all connected in the net work through the transformation of capital: ( 3 ) Mo Yans novel moves across a literary field, an audio -field, a translation field and an internet field, and the fields in which these media are situated interact with each other, thus contributing to the novels successful dissemination in the West. It is argued that the effective dissemination of Chinese literature abroad depends not only on the workings of a translation and circulation ac-tor network, but also on the adoption of a multimedia approach, with various media engaging in the circulation network.

Key words: Red Sorghum; multimedia dissemination; actor-network; capital; field

The Chinese Version Appeared in Yanshan University(01, 2020).




2020-03-08 10:43
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