Learners-Environment Fit Ecological Perspective on Evaluation of Online Learning Environments


2019-11-26 03:09

Li Tongtong
Modern Distance Education Resear

Abstract: Most of current quality evaluation criteria of online learning just focus on the course itself, ignoring the interaction between learners and learning environments, with a lack of adaptability and flexibility. From the perspective of ecological psychology, the key to excellent online learning is the fit between learning environments’ affordances and leaners. Therefore, from the whole angle of the interaction between learners and learning environments, the conceptLearners-Environment Fit (L-E fit)was proposed to illustrate the match between learners and learning environments and it can be regarded as the quality criterion of environments design. The L-E fit degree is changing with the dynamic coupling process between learners and learning environments. The high-quality and ecological design is to create a situation in which the learning environments fit learners. In order to specify the conceptL-E fit, the structure of L-E fit can be constructed from three dimensions: pedagogy affordance-learner fit, social affordance-learner fit, and technology affordance-learner fit. The typical design features of High L-E fit affordance should also be further elaborated, to provide reference for the criteria of affordance design and the quality evaluation in online learning environments.

Keywords: Online Learning Environments; Quality Evaluation; Evaluation Criteria; Learners-Environment Fit; Affordance; Ecological Perspective

The Chinese version appeared in Modern Distance Education Research, 2019(02).


2019-11-26 11:09
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