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Party Construction and Grass-roots Management Discipline


2014-12-30 12:00

After years of efforts, Party Construction and Grass-roots Management discipline now has a batch of senior and intermediate researchers with profound theoretical qualities, and thus have formed into certain advantages in both theoretical and applied studies. Since its establishment, the discipline has undertaken over 30 national, provincial and institute issues, and published ten monographs (including co-authored works) and around 200 papers (of which many were adopted by People’s Daily and Guangming Daily ); and near 30 policy suggestions and research reports have been presented, of which one policy suggestion has won the third award of provincial philosophy and social science and four ones have obtained instructions and comments of provincial leaders. The discipline team has hosted one national academic conference and several provincial academic meetings. The discipline team has established a long-term academic communication mechanism with political science research institutes in China mainland and Taiwan region, suchas Chinese Academy of Social Science, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, etc. For many years, we have exchanged scholarswith relevant institutions for academic visits and communications, along with academic communications with political scientists from the U.S., Vietnam, etc.

The discipline has set up two research directions, namely party construction and grass-roots management. Specifically, the party construction direction is composed of basic theory of party construction, grass-roots party construction and party construction of enterprises; the grass-roots management direction is composed of basic theory of grass-roots management and empirical study of grass-roots management.

The discipline team now includes two researchers, seven associate researchers and nine assistant researchers. The group is composed as follows:

(I) Chief expert: Guo Dan

(II) Key scientific research fellows:

Liao Chongxu, Li Ling, HouWenli, RenZhenyu, Wu Xiang, Wang Jin

(III) Succession members of “party construction” research direction:

Leader: Li Ling

Members: RenZhenyu, Wu Xiang, Wang Jin, YueMaoliang, Zhu Yongliang, Teng Chong, Wang Sheng, Li Jingfeng

(IV) Succession members of “grass-roots management” research direction

    Leader: Liao Chongxu

    Members: HouWenli, Wu Xiang, Xiao Xuelian, Liu Fumin, Zhang Jianli, Liao Zixia, Xie Jing, Yu Si


2014-12-30 03:25
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