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China Development Journalism


2014-12-30 12:00

In 2002, Journalism & Communication Research Institute of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences took the development of journalism as the main direction of scientific research. In 2004, this discipline was rated as a “characteristic discipline” specifically supported by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, and it gradually focuses on the study of China Development Journalism. In 2009, the discipline was rated as the “advantaged discipline” of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences. 

Having emerged in 1960s, Development Journalism is one of the journalism communication theories with a wide international influence. The core issue of Development Journalism is: development is the primary task of the developing countries and journalism communication should realize its rapid development in cooperating with and facilitating country development. Actually, China Development Journalism is the new discipline extension of the integration of Development Journalism and country research. China development refers to the modernization of China, so the core issue of China Development Journalism transferred from the core issue of Development Journalism is: how can journalism communication facilitate modernization of China? It is the transition of research perspective and the establishment of a new research platform as well.

In 2010, the discipline published the first book i.e. Introduction to China Development Journalism (China Social Sciences Academic Press). This book has features as follows: first, it took the lead in China and had a discipline initiative meaning; second, it concentrated the core issues of China DevelopmentJournalismin such a topic, namely how journalism communication can facilitate modernization of China, and thus built up a new research platform with long-term academic development potential.

In 2011, the discipline heldthe First Forum on China Development Journalism(sponsored by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and implemented by Journalism & Communication Research Institute, October 14, 2011,Sichuan). This is the country’s first academic forum with the theme of China Development Journalism. More than 60 experts and scholars participated in the forum, who were from colleges and universities and academies of social sciences in provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Sichuan, etc., along with heads and editors of professional journals of journalism communication e.g. Chinese Journalist, Practical Journalism, Press Circles and Journalism Research Herald. Journalism Circles made a meeting summary i.e.Construction of China Development Journalism.

The discipline has set up three research directions: research on public opinions, research on new media and research on media management. Since many years, researchers have undertaken nine national social science foundation programs, won many awards such as Paper Award of China Journalism, Sichuan Philosophy and Social Scientific Award, etc., published many academic monographs and undertaken many planning issues of Sichuan Province. Every year, dozens of papers of the Academy are published in core journals. In 1986, with approval of State Education Commission, the Academy became qualified of conferring the master’s degree of journalism while over ten postgraduates are admitted yearly from then on.


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