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Scientific philosophy and Social Development

Scientific philosophy and Social Development of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences


2014-12-30 12:00

As an advantaged discipline under the construction by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (the Academy), Scientific philosophy and Social Development is set up in the Philosophy and Culture Research Institute.

Since in 1983 the Natural Dialectics Research Office of Chengdu branch institute under Chinese Academy of Sciences was wholly transferred into the Natural Dialectics Research Institute set up by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, scientific philosophy has always been a characteristic discipline of the Academy. Former research leaders in this discipline include such researchers as Liu Maocai, Zha Youliang, Hu Shilu, Zhou Shouren, etc., who used to accomplished a series of important research achievements and thus enjoyed reputation in academic circles.

Nowadays, science and technology already become the prime power for promoting the construction of economy, politics, culture, society and ecological civilization, while developing China through science and education and building an innovative-originated country have become the most core and basic state strategies. Therefore, it has become a realistic and objective demand to strengthen the research on scientific philosophy study issues as well as the communications of modern scientific knowledge and methods to the public. Currently, the discipline construction has such a research direction inclusive of: theory studies and applied research on scientific philosophy, with the focus on the research on scientific development outlook and the Marxism science and technology perspectives in contemporary China, scientific philosophy issue research on the overall construction of a well-off society, research on knowledge-based economy, ecological civilization and regional innovation system, progress and development research on western agricultural and pastoral area with the sufficient reliance on science and technology, theoretical and practical development research on biological economy and modern interpretation research on physical value by traditional Chinese medicine.

As the chief expert of discipline construction as well as a second-grade researcher, Wen Xingwu also is one expert enjoying the Governmental Special Allowance of the State Council, a nominee of the first school of “Four Batches” talents (in theory sector) under the Sichuan cultural publicity. Mr. Wen currently takes the post of deputy director of the academic committee of the Academy, vice president of Sichuan Natural Dialectics Research Seminar and president of Chengdu Natural Dialectics Research Seminar. He has published papers, including Is Wave-Particle Dualism a Basic Contradiction of the Nature (Issue III, 1987), Recognition of Space and Time Relative Theory (Issue V, 1990) and Criticism on Criticism on “Traditional Historical Materialism Narrative System” (Issue X, 2012) respectively in the periodical, Social Sciences in China.

Li Houqing, a researcher and the leader of the discipline direction, now acts as the director of Philosophy and Culture Research Institute of the Academy and deputy secretary general of Chengdu Natural Dialectics Research Seminar. Mr. Li has published his monograph i.e. the Research on Modern Biotechnology Industrial Policy (Economic Science Press, 2012), and hosted the completion of one planning subject of Sichuan philosophy and social sciences, i.e. the Research on Strengthening Self-independent Innovation of Sichuan Advantaged Industries and another provincial topic in soft science, namely the Enhancement of Self-dependent Scientific Research to Promote the Development of Sichuan Advantaged Industries.

Other team members: Yang Guojun (assistant researcher), Liu Shengli (PhD), Li Zhenfeng (PhD), Chai Jianfeng (associate researcher and PhD)


2014-12-30 03:23
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