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Sociology of Institute of Sociology

Sociology of Institute of Sociology under Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences


2014-12-30 12:00

Institute of Sociology (the Institute) of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences was set up in 1983. After more than 30 years of development, the Institute now has 13 people, including two researchers, three associate researchers, seven assistant researchers and one research intern. By educational background, the Institute has four PhDs, while the other nine colleagues hold a master degree. Therefore, the Institute has formed into an academic and research team composing of old, middle aged and young members. And we have gradually become an institution in sociological research and postgraduate education, with characteristics in sociology of development, urban sociology, rural sociology, applied sociology, sociology of family, youth education sociology and cultural sociology. The current director is Li Ling, and vice director Zhang Xiangrong.

Now, the Institute has two leading talent teams at provincial level, namely the leading talent team in such discipline and the other on in urban sociology. In addition, we have one advantaged discipline at the college level i.e. social management and governance research. There are currently five research laboratories in the Institute: Juvenile Delinquency Research Lab, Public Service Organization Research Lab, Yan Yangchu Research Center, Elderly-care Policy Research Lab and Ethnic Sociology Research Lab. In 2014, the Institute has undertaken and published the blue book of Sichuan Social Construction for 2015. In recent years, the Institute has trained its backbone members as well as improved its discipline reputation and impact through such methods as “going-out” and “introducing-in”, namely sending out the echelon members for study outside, attending important academic meetings and undertaking the research on advantaged disciplines. Having undertaken and finished a batch of studies funded by social funds at both national and provincial levels, the Institute has published a series of thesis publications, with many results obtaining excellent achievement awards for philosophy and social sciences at provincial level, and many such achievements have received instructions from the provincial leaders, or been adopted by relevant government authorities.  



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