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DisciplineConstruction of Rural Development Economics


2014-12-30 12:00

Rural Development Economics (the Discipline) is not only the application of development economics in the rural areas, but has its own specialty. Takingthe rural areas in developing countries as its major research object, the Discipline studies the influence exerted bymodernization on the rural areasthrough putting rural development under the background of national industrialization and modernization. Its main research scope: study the roles that essential product factors like rural labor forces, lands, capitals and technologies play in the development; study the influence the structure, system, history and culture of rural economic society exert on development and, in particular, this Discipline emphasizes on studying the transformation from traditional agriculture to modern one, transfer of the rural labors, poverty alleviation of rural areas and sustainable development of rural areas. Construction of this Discipline is guided by development economics, institutional economics and industrial economics, widely adopting the advantages of these Disciplines. It comprehensively takes the methods such as theoretical analysis, historical analysis, structural analysis and empirical analysis, etc. To stick tothe study on free flows of theessential product factors and public goods supply in rural areas in the process of coordinated urban and rural development;studyhowto achieve synchronized agricultural modernization with the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization; study rural human capital, technical improvement and sustainable development; study rural resources, environment and sustainable development;studyrural poverty alleviation, overall development and rural community development, so as to build a dynamic Discipline study system from theory to practice, from microto macroscopes, and form into one interdisciplinary Discipline that reflects demands of the current era as well as the latest trends.This Discipline sets up two research orientations, that is, research on theories and policies for balanced development of urban and rural regions, and the sustainable development of rural resources, environment and communities. The major part of such disciplineis the scientific research backbones of institute of rural development. The chief expert is Zhang Kejun, while the othermembers of this research teaminclude: Liao Zujun, GanTingyu, Chen Minghong, Ding Yi, Dai Xuhong, Li Shengzhi, Han Wei, Hu Junbo, Wang Juan, Li Xiaoyan, Tang Xin, ZengXuhui, Zhao Limei, Zhang Zemei, Yu Hong, Fu Rao, Fu Zongping, GaoJie, etc.


2014-12-30 03:17
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