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Population and Labor Economics Discipline

Population and Labor Economics Discipline of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences


2014-12-30 12:00

Population and Labor Economics (the Discipline) is a science that studies demography, labor economic theory and social security theory as well as their realistic issues. 

As one of the advantaged disciplines established by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, the Discipline’s construction is in managed by the Institute of Economics. Now, the Institute of Economics owns 16 full-time scientific researchers, including three researchers, eight associate researchers, two academic and technological leaders at provincial level, two outstanding experts who made a prominent contribution to Sichuan province, two academic and technological leader reserves at provincial level, seven people are PhDs and two people post-PhDs. As a strong research team, its discipline structure, professional qualification structure and age composition are all comparatively reasonable.

Leading team for the Discipline’s construction consists of Lan Dingxiang, Guo Zhengmo, Shen Maoying, Jiang Hua, Fang Qian, Liu Yuyang and He Fei. Chief expert is researcher Lan Dingxiang, a PhD. Now, he is the director of the Institute of Economics and master students’ tutor.

Discipline orientations for the Discipline include: theories and policies related to demography, as well as theories and policies related to labor economics. The discipline leader of the demographic orientation is researcher Shen Maoying (Second-grade), a PhD, who is the academic and technology leader in Sichuan province and a master students’ tutor. Members of this orientation are Chen Jing’an, Fang Qian, Jiang Hua, Liu Jinhua, Yang Ping, Zhao Chuan and Wei Yufei as well as masters of demography. While the discipline leader of labor economics orientation is researcher Guo Zhengmo (Second-grade), a master students’ tutor, who is the academic and technology leader in Sichuan province and a member of the academic degree evaluation committee of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences. Members of this orientation are Lan Dingxiang, Liu Yuyang, He Fei, Diao Qihuai, Tang Qiong, Chen Hongxia, Chi Ruirui, as well as postgraduates in labor economics.

Since the establishment of such Discipline as an advantaged discipline, the whole Academy has formed the related researcher team with the Institute of Economics as its center, and has attained relatively abundant research achievements of the discipline construction. It has formed the distinct characteristics in the follow areas: population and sustainable development, labor and social security, aging population, urbanization of population and overall urban-rural development, population and pedagogical economics, etc. Its influence on the domestic academic circles has gradually increased, with the rapid promotion of academic status.

Centering on the discipline construction, the Institute of Economics has set up Demography (admittance for students from 2004) and Labor Economics (admittance for students from 2013) master degree candidates teaching schools, has established over 10 programs including elementary and professional courses, research frontier course, etc., and has published one teaching material for graduate students. Over past five years there were more than 20 graduates from this faculty, who all have successfully completed their study and obtained master degrees.


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