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Arts and Aesthetics


2014-12-30 12:00

Arts and Aesthetics Discipline (the Discipline) of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences was approved as an advantaged discipline in March 2013, while the discipline leader is researcher Su Ning, Institute of Literature. There are nine members in the research team of this discipline, most of whom have the PhD degree and two of whom are researchers. The research history of this discipline could be traced back to the early 1980s, which has an abundant academic deposit. Since it was approved, this discipline has actively formed the research team, integrated the research strength, focused on exploring ways to mix the classic aesthetics theories at home and aboard with the local practical activities of aesthetic appreciation, and intervened and guided the development of the contemporary trend of thought in literature and art in Sichuan. Thus, it has formed a distinct research system.

At present, the Discipline has two research orientations, that is, modern interpretation of the aesthetics theories and comparison of Chinese and Western aesthetics. The orientation is headed by researcher Su Ning, with the main direction focuses on the current theories of literature and art and hot topics in aesthetics, striving to unlock the theoretical veins of arts and aesthetics and the related knowledge of philosophy of art and religious aesthetics, so as to form into features here in Sichuan, respectively in aesthetics research on literature and art, aesthetics research on religious culture, modern cultural trend of aesthetics, research on Sichuan aestheticians and anti-war aesthetics. It has succeeded in the application of three projects for national social science fund, along with one national key project (2013-2014) applied. 

As the other academic orientation, Comparison of Chinese and Western Aesthetics is in charge by researcher Wei Hongshan, and such direction makes effort to acquire academic views for comparing Chinese and Western aesthetics, adopt the cutting-edge topics and new research methods, thereby to integrate with mainstream trend of aesthetics research on domestic and even overseas theories of literature and art. Relevant research fields relate to Modern Aesthetics Cultural Trends, Post-Colonialism Aesthetics Criticism and Identity Research, Chinese Classic Aesthetics Research, Classic Culture and Literary Theory, Chinese and Western Comparison Art and Aesthetics, as well as translations of Western theories in literature and art.  

For recent three years, the Discipline has applied and set up five projects respectively at national level or under the Ministry of Education, with eight monograph works published.


2014-12-30 03:15