Current Status and Prospects of the Left in Latin America


2021-10-12 03:04

Yang Jianmin
World Socialism Studies

Abstract:In 2015, the pink wave began to ebb, and the Latin American politics experienced a retreat of the Left and advance of the Right. However, the Left there did not die, instead it quickly created a situation of co-governance by the Left and the Right in Latin American through elections. The Lima Group, which tried to contain Venezuela, is almost incapacitated by the left governance in Mexico and Argentina. Although the pandemic in 2020 is conductive to its further expanding, yet the Left is experiencing serious division even with new forces emerging, which is also an important reason for the reversals of the leftist parties in recent general elections. The Left in Latin American, after development in the last 20 years, has established a more solid foundation, is more experienced in governance, and continue to reflect on and explore the path of independent development, which is another important reason for the tenacious development of the Left in Latin American.

The Chinese version appeared in World Socialism Studies, 2021(09).



2021-10-12 10:59
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