New-Urbanization-Based Dual-Circulation Development Pattern


2021-09-23 01:37

Jiao Fangyi, Zhang Dongchao
Journal of Xinjiang University

Abstract: The new-urbanization-based “dual-circulation” development pattern originates from Marxist political economy. The division of labor leads to industrialization and urbanization, the emergence of commodities and currency creates conditions for circulation, the aggregation of factors in cities forms distribution relations, and the aggregation of population generates consumption demand. The cycle from production, circulation and distribution to consumption is the bottom logic of "dual-circulation" and urbanization develops within it. Different stages correspond to different levels of the domestic economic cycle and international circulation. The international circulation is reshaped through the upgrading of the domestic economic cycle, which is the mechanism of the formation of "dual-circulation" development pattern through new urbanization.

Keywords: New Urbanization, Dual-Circulation, Belt & Road Initiative, RCEP

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Xinjiang University, 2021(07).



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