Southwest and Southwest Society from the Perspective of Chinese Culture

The Establishing Processes of National Identity in Qin and Han Dynasty


2015-01-20 12:00

Yin Jiandong,Feng Xiaoli
Journal of Wenshan University

Abstract: In Pre-Qin, Qin and Han period, the Han people began to shape their social awareness of the southwest and its society, which is accompanied by the changes and development in the recognition and the border of the Han and Minorities. Different Ba-Shu ethnic origin stories tell its clear cases. From indigenous ethnic origin of “fade”, “amnesia” to “Chinese common ancestor” and the rediscovery of the historical remains and the “memory” in Ba-Shu area, the blood, spatial, political, economic and cultural identity is gradually inhaled into Central China Plains. Southwest edge of China developed from Ba-Shu in the beginning further to the later “Southwest” region, reflecting the expansion of China’s political power “New Edge” continuing to adapt, and the joint into Chinese groups in the economic and cultural in varying degrees ultimately.

Key words: Southwest; China edge; Ba-Shu; ethnic origin; cultural identity

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Wenshan University, 2014(10).



2015-01-20 09:33
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