Review of the Analysis and Exploitation of Chengdu Hakka Ancestral Hall Culture Resources


2015-01-19 12:00

Su Donglai
Journal of Chengdu University

Abstract: The ancestral hall is the special cultural landscape left from the traditional society and one of the important resources to support the current development of tourism The flourishing clan of Dongshan Hakka in Chengdu in the Qing Dynasty left behind a large number of high-gradehigh-value ancestral hall resources, which have good values in development This articleonly taking the ancestral hall of the same family in this area as the analysis objectputs forward some ideas for the development and utilization of the ancestral hall resources through teasing out the status quo of their conservation

Keywords: cultural resources of ancestral hallstourism developmentDongshan Hakka

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chengdu University, 2014(1).



2015-01-19 09:44
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