On The Particularity Of Local Governance

Song Peoples’s Understanding And Debate Of The Disturbance Of Shu


2015-01-15 12:00

Jin Shengyang
Guizhou Culture and History

Abstract: The saying that the people in Shu liked disturbance appeared in Nan Dynasty. This viewpoint was very popular in Song Dynasty. However, with the development of the situation, the social status of Sichuan got much promotion. There were many people, especially the people in Shu, came to debate this views. They analyzed the history and reality from several aspects, did not agree the saying of the people in Shu liked disturbance. This unique historical phenomenon had profound historical connotation. And it worths people making introspection.

Key words: Song Dynasty; Ba Shu; The Disturbance of Shu; Governance Sichuan

The Chinese version appeared in Guizhou Culture and History, 2014(4).



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