The Essence,Characteristics and Promulgation of the Spirit of the Old Revolutionary Area in Sichuan


2015-01-14 12:00

Liu Jia
Journal of Southwest Petroleum U

Abstract: The deeply rooted spirit of the old revolutionary area in Sichuan was formed in the new democratic revolution period. It focuses on Chinese people’s struggle for national independence and liberation in the twentieth century. Combined with the long history and culture of Sichuan the spirit is of practical, national and theoretical nature and presents the spiritual and cultural characteristics asto be brave and wise, to pursue truth and stay pragmatic, and to struggle with a united spirit to the end”. When promulgating Sichuan revolutionary spirit, we should improve the regional cultural soft power at the same time. On the other hand, the revolutionary spirit should be endowed with new connotation so that we can keep on explaining the new topics of the new era

Key words: the old revolutionary areas in Sichuan; spirit in Sichuan old revolutionary area; red culture; political culture; regional cultural soft power

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Southwest Petroleum University, 2014(1).



2015-01-14 10:55
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