All Aspects of Yelin’s Thought and Writings


2015-01-08 12:00

Xiong Feiyu
Journal of Chongqing University

Abstract: Ye Lin, Ph.D., graduating from University of Lyon in France, who once participated in Sichuan Xinhai Revolution, gave a brief and concise introduction on anarchism to Chinese. He majored in psychology and translated many psychological novels such as Adolphe, who also had wonderful ideas on education and teaching. Ye Lin was good at writing, whose character sketch were very vivid with clear image and whose poetry were affectionate with beautiful language.

Key words: Ye Lin; anarchism; psychology; translation; education thought; character sketch; poetry; Xinhai Revolution

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, 2014(1).



2015-01-08 09:56
Remarkable Contributions of Sichuan Native Poets Qin Zihao and Shang Qin to Taiwan Poems