Remarkable Contributions of Sichuan Native Poets Qin Zihao and Shang Qin to Taiwan Poems


2015-01-06 12:00

Tao Dezong, Tao Lan
Journal of Yangtze Normal Univer

Abstract: In the history of Chinese new poem development, Sichuan poets have made great contribution. They not only laid the cornerstone of Chinese new poems, playing a very important role in promoting the mainstream new poems of the times and pioneering the new poem trend, but also made remarkable contributions to the development of contemporary poems in Taiwan. In this respect, the most outstanding poets are Sichuan natives Qin Zihao and Shang Qin in Taiwan. Studying their poems and their contributions to the development of poems in Taiwan is of great significance to promoting the cultural communications between Sichuan and Taiwan and the prosperity of the cultures in these two provinces as well as the rejuvenation of Chinese poems.


Key words: Sichuan poets; Taiwan poems; remarkable contributions; realistic significance


The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Yangtze Normal University, 2014(2).



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