From Fracture to Integration A Political Sociological Study of Rural Vitalization

A case study of Village X in Northwest Hebei


2020-02-15 08:37

Xu Xiao
Truth Seeking

Abstract: In the theoretical perspective of political sociologythe key to implementing the rural vitalization strategy in the new era is to find a balanced interaction between the state and rural societyWith reference to the analysis framework of social integration and the research materials of village Xit is found that under the drive of modernization and after deep social transformation and a full range of marketizationthe current rural society has simultaneously encountered the problem of organizational fracture caused by the shrinking of traditional clans and the dissolution of village-level organizationsthe problem of cultural fracture induced by changes in ethical principles and the decline of public cultureas well as the problem of elite fracture caused by the demise of the squire and the degeneration of elitesIn the face of a fractured society lacking organic unitythe implementation of the rural vitalization strategy must begin with the effective reorganization of the village societyfollow the paths of reconstructing organizational resourcesrevitalizing public cultureand increasing elite supply to build a social foundation for positive interaction with the stateso as to achieve a new balance in the relationship between the state and rural society

Key words: rural vitalization; social integration; political sociology; organizational fracture; cultural fracture; elite fracture

The Chinese Version Appeared in Truth Seeking (01, 2020)




2020-02-15 04:38
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