Regional Linkage of Poverty and the Spatial Spillover Effects on Poverty Reduction

Taking the Ethnic Areas of Sichuan Province as Examples


2020-02-15 08:15

Wang Luyao, Liao Guirong
Northwest Population Journal

Abstract: Based on the ESDA toolsthe purpose of this paper is to investigate the feature of poverty linkage and the spatial correlation of poverty incidence among the ethnic areas of Sichuan from 2010 to 2017. We find that there exists positive spatial auto correlation in the whole regionand this auto correlation has been decreasing since 2010. Meanwhilethe local correlation is gradually being shownand the poverty degree of each county tends to be balanced. The empirical analysis shows that the spatial spillover effect is important to the poverty reduction in ethnic areas of Sichuan. 1 % increase of poverty reduction potential decreases the poverty rate of county level by 1.161%. Meanwhilethe increase of populationeconomic developmentemployment levelslabor productivitygovernment behavioursaving levels and infrastructure can play an important role in poverty reduction in ethnic areas.

Key words: Sichuan Ethnic RegionPoverty LinkagePoverty ReductionSpatial Spillover Effect

The Chinese Version Appeared in Northwest Population Journal,(01, 2020)




2020-02-15 04:17
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