The Academic Status and Theoretical Contribution of Marxist Sociology


2020-02-15 08:14

Liu Shaojie
Social Sciences in China

Abstract: Although Marx and Engels did not use the concept of sociology to refer to their ideology and theories about social development and transformation, they did systematically create a Marxist sociology in terms of basic standpoint, methodological principles and a series of major ideological tenets. On the basis of extensive empirical re-search, they propounded in depth the basic theories of Marxist sociology under the name of historical materialism . Marxist sociology has been inherited and disseminated in the practice of Russian and Chinese socialist revolutions, and has exerted a wide-ranging influence on Western sociology, especially contemporary Western sociological research . The study of Marxist sociology' essential characteristics , academic status, historical development and wide-ranging influence is a major project that should be treated seriously in inheriting and developing Marxist sociology and progressing and innovating Chinese sociology.

The Chinese Version Appeared in Social Sciences in China(05, 2019)




2020-02-15 04:15
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