The Process and Practice of Wang Youmus Dissemination of Marxism around the Founding of the Communist Party of China


2022-06-09 08:34

Feng Bing, He Zhiming
Journal of Northwest Minzu Unive

Abstract: In the history of communist movement in Sichuan, Wang Youmu was an important disseminator, and this was closely related with his work in Chengdu State Advanced Normal School. Around the May 4th Movement, the very school has very active ideological atmospherem and had created important conditions for Wang Youmu to disseminate Marxism. Like most Marxists, Wang Youmu had gone through the ideological sransformation from anarchism to Marxism. In early 1922, he established Rensheng Bao(the newspaper of “the People’s Voice”), and that was an important sign to show his complete turn to Marxism. During that period, Wang Youmu organized a reading club of Marxism, which was an integrated and improved version of reading club of socialism founded by Chen Yi, et al. The very reading club later became an important periphery organization for the Youth League to train and recruit new memvers. Through Wang Youmus dissemination, the young students of the very school, represented by Tong Yongsheng, had taken the path of Marxism and become the backbone of the Youth League of Chengdu.

Key words: Wang Youmu; Southwest China; dissemination of Marxism; Rensheng Bao; Chengdu State Advanced Normal School

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Northwest Minzu University, 2021,06.



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