“Humus” in Modern China

the Cultural Heritage of Chao-she and Yi-she


2022-04-21 02:29

Zhu Xinghe
Social Sciences in Yunnan

Abstract: Chao-she and Yi-she were two poetry clubs of the Qing  loyalists in the Shanghai concession during the period of the Republic of China. These poets were loyal to the Qing Dynasty and rejected the  Republic, and participated in a lot of political events, such as the  subversion of Yuan Shikai, the restoration of Xuantong, and the  establishment of Manchukuo. They were cultural conservatives, admired the  ancients,  protected  the  tradition, and participated in a  series  of cultural projects. They advocated Song poetry, advocated  Tongguang  style, and implicitly competed with the New Literature. Their ideological  tendency is generally conservative, but also contains a lot of modern  factors. Being“musty”but“nutritious, they made great  contributions to the cultural ecology of Modern China in a tortuous way.

The Chinese version appeared in Social Sciences in Yunnan, 2022,(02).



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