The Political Situation of Shuhan Kingdom and the Evolution of Bashu Confucian Classics


2021-01-19 08:04

Pan Zhongwei
Journal of Sichuan Normal Univer

Abstract: From the overall point of view,the basic path of the evolution of Shuhan (or Bashu) Confucian classicsdepends on the rulers’ pattern of choosing and employing persons.Through the investigation of Liu Bei and ZhugeLiang’s different employment strategies,the author finds that there is a direct relationship between the political situation of Shuhan kingdom and the patterns of Bashu Confucian classics.The history of Shuhan Confucian classics can also be divided into three periods according to the rulers’ different preferences for choosing and employing persons.The first one is Liu Bei’s period in which the officials of Shuhan kingdom tried to take Lu Zhi and Zheng Xuan as the typical Confucian classics system for the uniformity of Bashu academic.However,it failed after Liu Bei passed away.The second one is Zhuge Liang’s reign period in which the official attitude is extremely inclined to Bashu scholars of the Jingzhou school.The Jingzhou school profoundly changed the appearance of Bashu Confucian classics,and made the school of ancient Classics play a leading role in Bashu Confucian classics.The third one is the late Shuhan kingdom after Zhuge Liang ’s death.Influenced by the Jingzhou school and divination tradition of Bashu,the school of Qiao Zhou finally became the master of Shuhan Confucian classics.

Key words: Shuhan kingdom; Zheng Xuan; Jing-Zhou school; Qiao Zhou

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Sichuan Normal University, 2020(05).



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